Obtain a book from the library on learning styles. Perhaps your child has to have a detailed job description or must be shown repeatedly how to do a task. Some children not only need to know what the job is, but why it is important in the scheme of things and how it affects them personally. This information is helpful for them in school situations also. Work closely with their teachers so that they will approach teaching your child in a manner that will maximize the learning experience.

In general, 80% of us are visual and learn by seeing and observing. 10% are auditory and learn by people telling us what needs to be done and how to do it and another 10% are tactile, which means we learn best with hands-on teaching. The problem in families comes when a parent who is auditory tries to tell his visual son what has to be done.  Unless the son can form a picture in his mind, he simply doesn’t get it and they both end up frustrated.

A Tip About Learning Styles