Hello from beautiful Montana:

Lately some friends were talking about the rude "tweenagers" on the public transportation.  They were appalled at the way they talked to each other and made rude and inappropriate remarks about other passengers.Yelling

Her question to the group was "When or do you speak up?"  One of the men said he would speak to the group and say something like "Wow, that sounds a little rough?  How would you like to be talked about that way?"

The woman who had mentioned it said that she was afraid to say anything and so got off the bus instead. Later she was angry at herself for not taking the opportunity to at least say something to let them know that in our community we treat each other with respect.

We react to other's unkindness with emotion

it is true that our own feelings cause us as much distress as the thoughtless and unkind actions of others. She carried the burden of the unpleasant encounter for hours, days and indeed two weeks until she could process what happened with friends in a safe environment.

We decided as an informal group that we would not let isolated incidences of discourtesy and rudeness stop us from enjoying the many positive experiences our community offers.

Practice Common Courtesy

While everyone  has choices about how they act in public, it is not fair to allow disruptive action by one group to frighten or alarm others. Perhaps a word to the driver would have been all it took to get more respectful language on the public transportation.

In groups, adolescents tend to "group think" and follow along.  I would have spoken to one of the kids or engaged them in a conversation about their school and then said something to build some connection.  However, my adult children accuse me of parenting the world, so I would have been comfortable speaking up.  What would you do?

The Golden Rule

The most basic of human relationships is to treat others as we would like to be treated.  If we follow the Golden Rule in public the good will come back to us many times over. When we choose to act in kindness and with respect, we feel better about ourselves and the world we live in.

Thanks for Being You

You are all an important part of my global community and I appreciate your kindness. If I can help you to succeed in relationships, please allow me that honor.

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With Love and Gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, Life Educator and Author

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Are You Nice & Kind or are You Kinda Nice?