Hello from beautiful Montana

Teaching, training, speaking, writing, giving, giving, giving. For the last
25 years I have been active as a family educator, writer,  and community volunteer.

The amount of
wisdom I have gathered from research and observation of families filled books
and drawers and stacks of papers on the floor.I have nearly a hundred binders on my shelves with my notes on the different
topics I have taught. 

My Destiny is to Share a Message

From the time I was a young girl I have known that I
would have six children, write books and teach families all over the world and
live to be 97 years old. (Someday I will share how this Epiphany happened, but
now back to this story!)

Ducks All In A Row and Nobody Cares

When I heard the term Messenger, I knew that was what I was. I had a message
about respect, kindness and communication that needed to be sent out globally.
My vision board was completed, business plan done, affirmations repeated,
website built, articles submitted,radio show started,social network tweeted,
etc. etc. etc. Every time some "guru" said jump, I jumped even if on
the way up I was thinking how that really was not me and my message.

Done Good for Years Now Time to DO Well

I had the products, the platform and the people who knew, liked and trusted
me. But no one was buying. I did not know the process to get people to buy. My
experience was in giving, not asking for money. And yet, perfectly rational
people were dropping thousands and thousands of dollars on crap and empty
promises packaged in a vinyl folder to set on their shelves. Oh yeah that was

Found Information Product That Resonated with Me

I found this in my file and it had been there since 2005! It seemed to jump
out and me and I realized it had the information I needed right now. check it
out.  If may be the right information for you right now (or 3 years down
the road!)Learn about passive income from a young man, who walks his walk—Christopher Westr.  I bought it and am trying to incorporate the ideas, which seem reasonable and easy to do.

Click Here!

Don't be
Discouraged!  Just hang in there

I want to be on your support team.  If you want a honest opinion of
what is worth buying, trust your heart and trust me.  I have probably
bought it and then regretted it or did not understand what they were talking

Hope to see you soon.  We are going to Victoria BC for hubby's birthday.


Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author


Ask and Ye Shall Recieve-Eventually