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We have been talking about being aware of the clues of confidence, the little things that make a big difference to how others perceive you.  They may be small  changes but add up to a more polished and courageous outlook when put  all together.

We have also talked of how self confidence is a learned skill and needs practice to become automatic action and a habit for good.  Consistent encouragement for the process of learning and the successes come more often.

Today, we want  to discuss the center of confidence and what makes the rest of your life run smoothly.

Riding  a Unicycle is Easy, Once You Know How

If you have ever seen a clown or teenager balancing on a unicycle, you were probably impressed. It seems almost impossible to keep everything from tipping over and hitting the street.

This summer we saw a young man at an art fair, who was not only riding and balancing, but was extending his tall hat for tips.  We gave a generous tip not only for his skill, but for his cherry smile and the fact that he requested a donation so he could go to a camp.  (I admire those who ask for what they want and then remember to say thank you to those who helped them.)

I later saw him, with his unicycle under his arm and lunch in his hands.  When I asked him how he had learned to ride  he was glad to share his success.  He said the three things that kept him going when he was trying to learn to balance on one wheel was:

  1. His parent’s encouragement.  They saw his interest and helped him to accomplish his dreams.
  2. Consistent practice.  He knew he would have to sacrifice to achieve his goals and he was willing to give up what he wanted right now for what he really wanted.
  3. Thinking of the wheel as an extension of himself. The more in tune he was, the easier it was to ride and balance on a single wheel.  He had confidence in the equipment and his ability and it was easy to forget and just rely on good habits learned in training.

Develop Your Skill and Your Confidence

Will you or your child want to work on riding a unicycle?  Probably not. But you may want to learn to be more courageous in social situations, or stop negative thought patterns and beliefs.

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Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Balancing on the Wheel of Life-The Hub is Confidence