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As I have been working on the grief and loss series (it is not too late to join-replays and transcripts available.  Check out:


) it has struck me how important boundaries are. May I share a few ideas with you?

Why do We Need Boundaries?

This is a modified list I recieved when I was trained as a Hospice volunteer. It has been helpful in my work with families.

 Respect is a two way street and when you respect yourself, others will also.

  1. Healthy boundaries define who we are and what we value.
  2. Healthy boundaries show us where we stand in life.
  3. Healthy boundaries make us aware of what is socially appropriate.
  4. Healthy boundaries help us to trust and to let down our defenses.
  5. Healthy boundaries help us to accept people who are different from us.
  6. Healthy boundaries help us define our needs and find ways to meet them.
  7. Healthy boundaries permit us to experience intimacy in relationships.
  8. Healthy boundaries bring order into our lives.
  9. Healthy boundaries allow us to determine how we would like to be treated.
  10. Healthy boundaries give us self-discipiine, maturity, and character.
  11. Healthy boundaries empower us to stand against manipulation.
  12. Healthy boundaries place us firmly in charge of our lives.
  13. Healthy boundaries define what we are and are not responsible for.
  14. Healthy boundaries empower us to priorities and make choices.
  15. Healthy boundaries allow us to hold our ground without hostility.
  16. Healthy boundaries prevent the build-up of resentment toward others.
  17. Healthy boundaries alloww us to protect ourselves, to avoid victimization.
  18. Healthy boundaries permit us to maintain our identity in relationships.
  19. Healthy boundaries help us negotiatie differences and achieve goals.
  20. Healthy boundaries help us to love and esteem ourselves.

Tomorrow, I will share with you how to set boundaries.  This is the  foundation to self esteem and confidence.

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Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Boundaries in Relationships-Why Do We Need Them?