Hello from Beautiful  Montana:

Since this is "Unplug the TV" week, here are a few free activities to do with your children to build their imagination.  The future is requiring people to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.  The imagination will be called on to develop new and improved methods of communication and innovation. 

To Get the Imagination Working Try:

  • Pulling kitchen utensils out of the drawer and figuring out what other uses there could be for them.(try to figure out at least 10 things you could do with the utensil in addition to what it was designed to do.)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, it is full of great imagination boosters.  How about stringing macaroni to make jewelry or finger painting with chocolate pudding? You can also make your own play  doh or clay at home with this recipe: Combine 1.5 cups flour,1 cup sugar, I tablespoon alum, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 cup boiling water. Mix it up good then knead in food coloring.  Once the play dough is ready, give your kids cookie cutters, rolling pins, a garlic press, spatulas or anything that can be used to shaping and cutting.  This stuff will last for months in airtight containers when not in use.  If it dries out, just sprinkle with water and re-knead it.
  • Glue various dry food products on a sheet of paper to make art. How about beans, spaghetti, spices, and various other things just waiting to have a new home.
  • Make hand shadows on the wall.  All you need for this one is a dark room, a lamp and lots of imagination.  Adjust the lamp until the shadow of your hand is clear and then try various shapes. How about a flying bird, a barking dog, a butterfly, and a quacking duck.
  • Make a list. This is a fun experiment and if your child is not of the age to write, you may need to be the scribe, but let him tell you what to list  that:   1. run on electricity, 2.  touch the floor 3. are editable, 4. were gifts from someone else  5.can be used by people of all ages  6.are made of glass 7. what else can your child suggest would make a good list?

What Fun to Make Our Own Fun

 Who needs electronic entertainments when we have our brains and imaginations? Help your children, grandchildren and neighborhood kids to think outside the box!

In love and gratitude for all you do to raise bright, imaginative and clever children.

Judy H. Wright

PS: If your child is having difficulty making and keeping friends, why not involve the whole school class?   You may want to check out http://www.TheLeftOutChild.com for even more helpful hints on making friends.

Build Imagination with Free Activities-UnPlug the Television