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Captain Courageous: How Sailing Can Boost Your Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on the every day aspects of your life. However, a hobby such as sailing can help build your self-esteem and give it the positive focus and happiness that you may be missing out of your life.


There are a host of components that sailing can bring to your life. Cardiovascular movements through sailing can boost your endorphins and contribute to your health and wellness. Sailing is a vigorous sport that takes flexibility, agility and concentration. You can also build up muscle endurance with the repetitive movements.

Individuals who are active in a series of sporting activities such as sailing have been shown to have more confidence, especially when taught from a pro. It is very important to get lessons before taking on a sail boat in order to prevent boating accidents. As noted by one attorney at the Perecman Firm,”When a boat accident is caused by driver negligence, or the negligence of a product manufacturer, they can be held responsible for the harm caused.”


Sailing early is a great way to start your morning. The sunny weather and focusing on something that fills your life with purpose and excitement can help overtake any feelings of inadequacy. The fresh air and enjoying the outdoors can also bring confidence when you’re an active participant in life. So many people with low self-esteem take a back seat and hide from life’s tasks. Sailing can help you find fulfillment and that sense of accomplishment in tackling an activity that takes a great deal of effort to understand.

Expert Training

In order to gain the necessary self-confidence, you need to learn from an expert. Learning to sail properly can take time, especially when you have to learn the appropriate terminology and mechanics of the sail boat. The open waters can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to properly navigate them. You’ll find a host of beginner courses for the novice sailor that can aid in your new hobby.

You should also start out simply by learning on a smaller boat. Once you’ve gained the experience, you’ll be ready to move toward something more challenging. An expert can also teach you what to do if you find yourself involved in a maritime accident. The weather, lack of life vests, inexperienced boating, drinking and hot dogging can all contribute to a water accident.

If you find yourself involved in a sailing accident, you want to begin by assessing injuries. You also need to notify the authorities and seek immediate assistance. For accidents of a more serious nature, you may even need the assistance of an accident injury attorney to handle your claim.


Sailing is a sport that can help clear your mind and help rid it of any toxicity. When an individual is experiencing low self-esteem, focusing on the negativity can be the primary train of thought for many. Being out on the open waters and enjoying a picture perfect day can help combat your worries and replace them with reasons to be happy.

Whether your self-esteem took a hit with a recent divorce or you’ve lacked it throughout your life, you can boost your confidence through various sports such as sailing. Physical activity and finding hobbies that are complimentary to your personality, such as sailing, can boost your mood and elevate how you perceive yourself.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to those who are striving to be the captain of their life. She researched the term accident injury attorney and found solid information regarding boating accidents and steps to take to navigate through troubled times.

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Captain Courageous: How Sailing Can Boost Your Self Esteem