Whether successfully building a house or a personality, you need to have a plan and be willing to work that plan. Just as constructing a house is work, so is forming the inner core of confidence that reflects the beliefs, actions and thoughts of one who value himself and others.

We all want to play the piano, but not practice the scales. We all wish to enjoy harmonious families, but many are not willing to pay the price of learning effective methods of communication and parenting. We all want to be well respected but forget that respect is a two way street and we need to treat others as we would like to be treated on a consistent basis.

Character and the attributes of integrity and self acceptance is built, not wished into being. One of my favorite quotations is by the author James Michener:
Character consists of what you do on the third or fourth tries.

If your first try, plan or effort towards being the kind of person you would like to be, then try again. And again, and again if necessary. Becoming the person you were destined to be is a life long effort. You will be stronger and better for having a written plan (goals) and for building your confidence and character one day at a time.

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What do you think?  Do the young people of today have the character they will need to adversity and challenges in their lives?  Share your thoughts.

Character – The Foundation of Self-Confidence