Hello from beautiful Montana;

I have gotten a lot of calls lately about “lazy kids” and summer vacations that children interpret to mean no work around the house.

Since I hope to come from a place of encouragement rather than criticism, may I share a few ideas to get kids to help at home?

For the next few days, I will add a suggestion a day on how to do less for your children so you will have more time to do things with them.

Chores for Hire:

Everyone in the family should expect to contribute to home upkeep and meal preparation-that is a given.

But, you may want to post a list of  harder or more time consuming chores you would like to have done over the summer. Establish what you would pay a neighbor kid and then post the money value next to the chore.

When the children and young adults want something or need money over and above their allowance, let them bid on a job.  Draw up a written contract with them outlining  expectations and agree on the pay and conditions  and date of completion.  As with most contracts with service providers, 1/3 is paid at beginning of job, 1/3 half way through and the remaining 1/3 of pay is given when the job is finished.

Life skills taught:  Aptitude,courage, critical thinking, negotiate, follow through, contracts, earning extra, going the extra mile, encouragement, self confidence.

If you would like to learn more ideas for encouraging less electronic time and more active helpful time, check out the great eBook  called 101 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help at Home at http://www.ResponsibleChildren.com  

Thanks and we will see you tomorrow.  let me know what ideas you have implemented that have worked for your family.  Share and support families.

Chores, Responsibility and Family Time