Hello again;

We have been going through some tips on motivating kids to help at home and enjoy chores!  Well, that may be a bit unrealistic, but let’s try to get them to do them without too much grumbling.

Remember:  the goal is cooperative kids and fun memories, not spotless houses.

Tip 5. If you have hardwood floors, allow the children to put on heavy woolen or cotton socks and skate around on the floor to capture the dust bunnies and polish the floor.

We have also tried this with a vinyl floor in a rental unit that was especially dirty.  After sweeping up the excess dirt, we encouraged the kids to step in a bucket of warm water with Tough and Tender (a very effective and safe all natural cleanser) and skate into every crevice and cranny to loosen all the built up grime.

Then they changed socks and cleaned it up with clear water.  It turned out to be a fun and effective day–fun because the kids had a ball, effective because I didn’t have to spend the day on hands and knees scrubbing.

It also taught all us to remember that there are people in the world who are not as clean as we are, but they are still very nice people.

Do less for your children so you have time to do more with them.  Have fun making memories.

Love, Judy H. Wright

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