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There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are afraid or worried about the future.  Given the media coverage and the rash of foreclosed home and lost jobs, you have every right to be concerned.

A confident person is aware of risks and uncertainties around them, but still keep the eye on the goal and take steps to achieve it.  They recognize that small action steps moving them in a forward direction is making progress.

Challenges Move us From Comfort Zone

We never become confident if we don't sweat a little with each decision.  It is only by facing challenges and overcoming them with courage that we can begin to feel more confident.  If you are a success in one endeavor, that success will bleed over  to the next challenge.  When you conquer one obstacle, we become stronger and more confident in our ability to overcome the next one.

Fear and Anxiety

Fear paralyzes action and causes unrealistic or unlikely worries to crowd the mind so new ideas and strategies can not develop.  By overcoming fear and anxiety with wise decisions and a clear plan of action, we can move forward in life.

It may take courage to build confidence. It may also take some self confidence to develop a deeper level of courage that will take you and those you love into an exciting new future.

I am Confident You Will Succeed

If you were drawn to this article and site, you recognize that you want to achieve more in life. This is a community of like minded people who want to share ideas, tips and skills to bring success and happiness to all.

You are invited to go to http://www.EncourageSelfConfidence.com for even more suggestions on overcoming fear of the future.  I also discuss this topic each Thursday morning at http://blogtalkradio.com/auntieartichoke

Confidence and Courage-Overcoming Fear of the Future