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You want to be self confident and you want to build that inner core of strength in your children, grandchildren and employees or you wouldn't have been drawn to this article.

Turn Towards the Positive

By turning your thoughts and intentions towards a more positive life and example, you have taken the first step on a wonderful journey towards self growth and mastery.  This journey starts with a single step and then another and then another just as learning any skill does.

By committing to learn and teach confidence you will soon be able to recognize and teach that you and yours are good human beings and worthy of love and respect.

Change Your Viewpoint

Even if you tend to see the negative or look at life with pessimistic eyes, it is possible to change that old belief system and thought process.  Becoming an encouraging person with an attitude of gratitude is a skill, and all skills take consistent practice in order to become a habit.

It is not an overnight acquisition nor is it something that you can buy on-line or at the store.  You might purchase tools, but you and you alone must do the daily work in order to reach the goal of being a more confident person.

Be Consistent in Your Practice

To become proficient in any skill you must be committed to the goal.  Think back on when you learned to ride a bike, play an instrument or speak a foreign language.  It takes dogged determination and consistent action to overcome obstacles and old habits in order to gain a reward.

I Have Confidence in Your Ability to Gain Self Confidence

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Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Confidence Clues- Building Self Confidence is a Learned Skill