Hello from beautiful Montana:

Are you on FaceBook?  Then please be my friend and join my new group called Confidence Clues.

If life is a game, then we are
all given "clues" to help us succeed. A wise participant (like you and
me) will be on the lookout for these little reminders of our inner
strengths and outward manifestations of confidence and courage.

What helps you to remember who you are and what you want to accomplish in life?

at least 4 of your confidence boosters daily and I will draw a name
every Sunday to receive my new eBook "Building Self Confidence with
Encouraging Words."

Think about it for a minute– What do you do
to bounce back from adversity? When you are shaking in your boots, what
tricks do you do to psych yourself up for the challenge? What gives you

When we see other people's lists, it will remind us of
our own Confident Clues. Or maybe we can borrow their clues to give us
courage. Why not?

If just one other person in the world can do it, so can you!

Love,  Judy H. Wright

Confidence Clues- New Group on FaceBook