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Today on my radio show Ask Auntie Artichoke ( ) I decided to use my 15 minutes of fame every Thursday morning  (9am MST-Noon EST)to share tips for building self confidence.

Old Belief Systems Affect Your Choices

Many times we are our own worst enemies! 

We are like the fly banging against the screen when the open door is only six inches away. it just never dawns on us that there is a better way that is probably a lot easier and faster.  We just keep doing the same old, same old and then pretty soon we anticipate a bloody head with the screen imprint.

Negative-Positive Self Talk

Most of us do not even realize the amount of irrational and untrue  beliefs that run through our mind every day.  Some those destructive, irrationational, head banging thoughts are: "I must be good at everything or people won't like me."  "My boss is out to get me."  "If only……"  "It's Your fault I feel this way, you make me upset." "No one will ever love me because I was abused as a child."

A lot of self talk which leads to self sabotage is based on beliefs we think are facts.  We maintain that something is true just because we have said it so many times.  A mind takes everything you say literally, and then causes you to act automatically like your belief.  Your subconscious is more concerned with proving that you aren't crazy for believing what you do than discovering the real truth.

Irrational Beliefs

Our self talk and irrational beliefs cause us to move toward what we think about the most.  If your subconscious believes something it will work hard to make it happen.

It's hard to be depressed if you don't think depressing thoughts all day long.  (Duh!I coulda had a V8 instead of a headache said the fly at the funeral.)

Confidence Challenge for the day

Try saying depressing and negative words while you smile.  Go ahead, I dare you.  Can't do it, can you? So every time a negative thought comes in your mind today, Smile.

Your face and body expresses what is in your mind.


Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

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