Hello from beautiful Montana:

These are interesting times we live in and every day, it seems, there is something new to worry about. The three major categories of worries and concerns are money, relationships and health.  We may give the little side categories different names and values, but ultimately it is concerning money, relationships and health.

No matter what the worry, it is lessened with support and concern from those around us. These three little words will do much to strengthen the bonds with family and friends.

  • I love you ––we can never say this too much. When others are worried they need to be reminded that your love is unconditional. It is not depended on jobs, homes, possessions or power. It just is. A never ending source of strength.
  • I respect you – once again, outside influences may cause someone we love to doubt themselves. By reaffirming that they do have capabilities and skills that may not be appreciated by the outside world, but we recognize their inner strength.
  • I trust you – This is the message of hope. This indicates that you are a unit and a team. This gives additional courage to one who may be doubting their own abilities.  This period will be one that calls for new ideas and solutions.

Confidence comes from following the inner guidance system and doing what is right for you and yours.

As dear friends in this community of chaos and confusion right now in March, 2009 may I tell you from the bottom of my heart- I love you, I respect you and I trust you to make good decisions for a better future.

You are good, kind and thoughtful people or you would not have been drawn to this page. I want you to know that I have confidence in you and in others who are situations not of your choosing. 

My prayers, positive thoughts and warm hugs go out from where I am to where you are.

With love, Your friend,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

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Confidence Overcomes Worries-Three Most Important Words