Have you ever lost a beloved pet?

I am looking for personal stories (2-3 paragraphs) of experiences of people who have lost a pet to death.  These stories will be included in an upcoming eBook which you will receive as a participant. Your contact information will be included if you wish. You may also include a small picture.

Especially looking for stories on any of the following:

  • How you were told
  • How others reacted to your grief
  • What helped you to heal?
  • How you honor their memory

Deadline: Saturday, July 5, 2008 by email.

Please send stories and small jpg photos to Judy@ArtichokePress.com with death of a pet in the subject line.

Questions?  Call Judy H. Wright 406.549.9813  Thank you for sharing and supporting others who have lost a pet.

Thanks so much.  I will keep you informed about the status of the eBook.  Every one who submits a story will get one free as well as a link back to their website if you wish.

Death of My Pet – Looking For Stories