Good morning from beautiful Montana:

I have been ranting and raving all over the place on this blog lately.  We have talked about greed,confidence, learning styles, baby brain development, loss of a pet,encouraging your children to help at home and gratitude.

Thanks for following my ADD mind as I jump from one subject to the next.  One of the advantages of being in the third trimester of your life is that you have seen, experienced and done a lot and want to teach about it.

Be a Problem Solver

As many of you know, I work with families who are struggling. Sometimes that struggle is with relationship differences, financial problems, parenting or learning to cooperate. There is a lot of emotions involved as we learn to calm down and problem solve.

Many are stuck in old methods that did not work yesterday, so why would they work today and tomorrow?

In order to move forward, you need to think of new ways to find solutions.

What do You Really Want?

Make a list of what you really want.  For many of the families it is easier to list what they don't want on one side of the sheet and then reword it on the other side to what they do want.

Be very clear, specific and with as much detail as possible. For instance instead of I don't want to be broke  say:

  •        I do want to bring into our household an additional $1,000 a month,which will enable us to pay for rent and utilities.
  •        I do want to find ways to cook creatively so that we  can spend less than $500 a month on groceries.
  •        I do want to spend time with my children in nature instead of watching television.
  •        I do want to feel confidence that we can simplify our lives and still enjoy one another.

Listen to Your Elders

I have had the privileged of writing a number of memoirs and life stories for those who lived through the depression.  Many look back and wonder how they managed and then realize that the experience made them strong and resilient.

They consider the hard times and their ability to survive and prosper as a foundation of their character.  They learned who they were and how to be self sufficient.

They Found Courage in Adversity and You Will Too

I am confident in your ability to survive and thrive in this economy. This may offer you the kick in the seat of the pants you needed to review your life and see what is really important.  Just look at old situations with new eyes and you will find new and improved solutions.

With love and support,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author.

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Don’t Panic About Economy, Just Problem Solve and We Will be Fine