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Sprucing up the landscaping of your family home will make your entire property more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to your guest, but also a great way to spend time with the family and encourage bonding time. Fortunately, there are multiple beautiful and relatively easy things that you can do to dramatically improve the appearance of your lawn while teaching and encouraging your kids to get active. In fact, simply putting a few of these techniques in place can convert an average property into the most beautiful one on the block and something to brag about to your friends about how the whole family was involved.

1. Build a Small Rock Garden

If you have an old flower bed or garden area that you would like to fill with something different, you can build a small rock garden to convert that space into something unusual and visually appealing. As an added bonus, this is one less area on your property that will need to be watered and mowed. This creates a great way to teach your kids about building, but in a simplistic way.

2. Shape Your Hedges

Topiary is a very interesting horticultural practice that can be used to set your yard apart from the rest of the neighborhood. In fact, the amount of choices you have when it comes to shaping your hedges is only limited by your own imagination, and your families. Encourage your children to give their input. Therefore, you can select basic shapes or get a professional to bring something much more complicated to life.

3. Hire Professionals 

Some things are difficult to handle on your own when it comes to pests, or the safety of your children. Pests can cause a lot of damage to your lawn, and many of them also target shrubs and trees. With this in mind, it is a good idea to utilize the services of a lawn care technician to take care of pests and perform a wide variety of other important tasks such as aeration. Seen online at one can view the importance of being sure their license is up-to-date, and that they are properly trained in pest control when handling your landscaping needs.

4. Plant Trees and Shrubs

Having trees and shrubs on your property can give it a more lively appearance, and they can also serve multiple other purposes. For example, you could use a hedge line in place of a fence, and trees offer shade to make it more tolerable to entertain in your yard during the summer. Consider your families opinion when considering where to plant your trees and shrubs.

5. Plant Flowers

There is perhaps nothing more eye-catching than having a carefully selected floral selection planted in key areas throughout your yard. Keep in mind that utilizing a specific color scheme will help create cohesion, and it will also provide your property with a more dynamic appearance. Encourage your kids to help with the digging and take this opportunity to teach them about how to care for such plants.

6. Put Down a New Layer of Mulch

Most homeowners choose mulch that is reddish or brown, and this tends to blend in with the rest of the property. However, if you would rather have the mulch stand out, you can switch to the black option instead. This can provide visual contrast, and it will help make your entire lawn look more exciting. Letting your little ones help spread the mulch out is a great way to spend time together.

7. Mow a Design into Your Lawn

Simply mowing your lawn can give it a healthy appearance, but you can take this one step further by purposefully mowing your grass a specific way in order to create a pattern. There are several different designs that you can choose from, including the patterns that are mowed into professional baseball fields. With the family you can look at designs online, and how it can be mowed to create it.

8. Pay Attention to Your Driveway Entrance

If you have grass on either side of your driveway, you should consider framing this area with brightly colored plants and flowers, and it can also be very aesthetically pleasing to add a driveway gate. Encourage your children to participate it what should be planted.

As you can see, it is not complicated to freshen up the exterior appearance of your home while encouraging family time and teaching your kids the basics about landscaping. The majority of these landscaping ideas can be performed by homeowners and their family, but you can also easily turn to a professional lawn care company if you do not have the proper tools, skills or time to take care of things on your own.

Lisa Coleman is a blogger and homeowner from Atlanta GA whose interests include beautiful landscape and design to enhance a home’s natural beauty. Her interests also include gardening and enjoying the outdoors with her 4 children.

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Eight Landscaping Ideas The Whole Family Can Enjoy