Four Secret  Fears That Rob Us of Meaningful Relationships

  1. The fear of failure. When people expect perfection of themselves and others, they are destined to be disappointed.
  2. The fear of rejection. This goes beyond normal concern and almost sets up a situation so that we will have our expectations of rejection met.
  3. The fear of the future.  This fear is projected on what if this happens or that happens.  As the opening questions showed, we dream up scenarios of  all sorts of things that may or may not come to pass. The time to worry about them is when and if they actually come to pass.
  4. Fear of our intimacy. Once again this is a fear that may very well be unfounded.  We fear that we will be asked to share more of ourselves than we are willing to share.  The reality is that we can determine the amount of information or sexuality that we want to share with another person.

Honest Communication Eases Fear

If you are feeling fear in a dating situation, stop and become aware of your own negative thoughts or beliefs. Are they serving you as an adult?  if not. then let them go.  Re-frame your belief system to be more optimistic and less pressured by what you think others are thinking.

It may not even be true. And if it is true, you are capable of dealing with anything.  You have succeeded at many things in the past and you will succeed at this also.  I am confident in you.

Building Self Confidence

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In gratitude and love,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Four Secret Fears That Rob Us of Meaningful Relationships