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As promised, here is another tip on teaching your children responsibility and to help at home.

Maintain your home as a group project.  The goal is to get it done as fast as possible and go have fun together! Or even better, have fun together as you work.

 Tip 2.  Keep a sufficient supply of cleaning equipment and products on each floor so that you have easy access to them.  Put a small bucket containing cleaning rags, window cleaner and all-purpose cleaner under each bathroom sink.

A ten minute job might take less if you didn’t have to retrieve the cleaning supplies from another part of the house.

But a ten minute job can take much longer if you have to round up the kids and locate the cleaning supplies.

Thanks for joining us today and feel free to add comments or ask questions.  Ask Auntie Artichoke means just that.  Ask me anything.

If you are in a hurry to teach the children to assume responsibility, or are looking for a book that the whole family can read together– you are in luck.

http://www.ResponsibleChildren.com  has books, chore charts and a great bonus book called “Who Does What to Make Our House a Home.”

Keep coming back.  We will share lots of great ideas, techniques and fun projects to enhance relationships and empower individuals.

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Get Your Kids to Help at Home-tip 2