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Here are my answers to
your questions for the blog tour. I only answered questions 2 & 3, because
I’m not too sure about #1.


When you publish this
in your blog, could you please send me a link to the post? Then I’ll link back
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experts say write 250-400 word articles, some say, “No, No, No, You must write
500-750 words to be taken seriously.”  I say


I think there's a place for both, depending on what you
need the article to do.


A good rule of thumb is to focus on writing articles
between 300 and 500 words in length.  Some article directories won't accept
anything less than 250 words, and it's really difficult to say anything of value
that's less than 300 words. Also, these shorter articles are easier to write, so
you can get a lot more of them out there.


There's also a place for longer articles, sometimes
called "pillar articles." These are usually around 750 words. While writing a
lot of shorter articles will help get your name out there, I think it's also
helpful to have a few longer ones as well, to help establish your expertise, and
to cover an important topic more thoroughly.


Ebooks, how important is it to have the ISBN number?


If you're planning to just sell your ebook on your own
website, probably not very important.


If you want others to sell the ebook for you, some
resellers will ask for an ISBN number. Some websites, like Ezine Articles, also
give you the opportunity to include ISBN numbers of your books in your profile,
which can be helpful and help you sell more books.


How can having an ISBN number help you sell


Rather than having someone who's interested in your book
have to search for the title, and hope they find the right one, they can just
search for the ISBN number, and find the specific book they're looking for. If
your name is similar to another author's, giving out the ISBN number for your
book will make sure readers will find your book, instead of someone


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