High or low self confidence-which do you have?  Can you change how you look at life? Would you like to feel better about yourself

If you’re not sure what it means to have high self confidence, there are several characteristics to take note of.  These characteristics are universal, and can be practiced and learned if you don’t have them in your life right now.

Ambition.  People with high self-confidence don’t simply settle for what they have, but can see themselves in better circumstances.

Goal oriented.  They set challenges for themselves in order to accomplish more.  They are more competitive with themselves than with others, trying to do better each time.

Good communication.  They know how to talk to others and ask for what they want, as well as listening to advice from others.

Love and kindness.  They detach themselves from toxic relationships, and are able to carry on healthy and loving relationships.  They have a good inner self image.  Therefore their relationships are more nourishing than people with low self-confidence.

Attractiveness and openness to others.  Confident people attract other confident people, just by sending out good vibes.  They attract good people and good things.  Their openness is naturally attractive to others.

If you haven’t learned these characteristics, or they’re not currently a part of your life, why not work toward a better inner life?

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High Self Confidence Characteristics-Do You Have Them?