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How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life

While driving comes with numerous responsibilities, you’ll find it also is a privilege to be able to get where you want to go independently. However, driving while intoxicated not only is dangerous to innocent people, it can get your privileges revoked. It can also cause havoc on your life and family with each offense and conviction.

Fines and Penalties

First time penalties are typically steep, no matter what state you reside in. For instance, in the state of Virginia, a first offense can result in one day to 12 months of incarceration, one year of driver’s license suspension, and a fine ranging from $250 to $2,500. Law enforcement officials are cracking down on drunken driving offenses by creating stiffer penalties for individuals who fail to follow the rules of the roadway. Drinking and driving can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent victims. First time offenders can also face a suspended license, community service and jail time.

As noted by DUI attorney, Kevin Wilson,”Most DUI penalties only become reality if there is a conviction. Some DUI consequences are put in place at the time the DUI offense is charged, even though there is no conviction.” Repeat offenders can expect increased penalties for multiple DUI cases with higher fines, loss of a driver’s license and mandatory jail time. Your vehicle may even be impounded and seized for your reckless behavior.

Financial Distress

Multiple DUI offenses can wreak havoc with your finances for your family. If you live on a current tight budget, you may experience more financial hardship with the exorbitant fines and penalties caused by driving drunk. Your insurance rates could also skyrocket and cause you further monetary distress. If you lose your license or find yourself in prison because of your DUI, you could be out of a job, putting further strain on your family. This could be especially traumatic if you’re the primary breadwinner of the family, and they rely on you for your sole income.

Social Hardship

In addition to your financial distress, you could face social hardship with multiple DUI offenses. While one DUI conviction is too many, you could get your life in order with the right direction. However, more than one offense can harm your social life. If you’re single, it could impact how you date and meet new people. You could also become a nuisance with your friends if they have to pick you up for every party or social occasion. Your children could also look upon you with disappointment and anger.

Mental Anguish

Underlying issues may be at the center of your drinking problems and cause you to resort to alcohol as a crutch. Multiple DUI convictions can cause depression and mental anguish, especially if you’ve become a pariah to your family, children and friends. You may also experience feelings of despondency if you’ve disappointed your family with your irresponsibility.

Work and Career

If you’ve a promising career ahead of you, your multiple DUI offenses could be problematic and cause you to miss out on promotions or raises. If you’re in search of better opportunities and currently looking for a job, your DUI will show up on your background check and cause you to be overlooked for employment. For high-powered individuals such as CEOs, bankers and politicians, this can be a substantial blemish and ruin your reputation within the business community.

Drinking and driving offenses can be remedied with an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney. You can also take charge of your life by seeking counseling to remedy your drinking problems. Another simple solution if you plan on going out and partying is to designate a driver such as a cab, public transportation or friend to get you to and from your destination safely and without incidence.

Writer Nadine Swayne presents this advice in hopes of making people stop and think before driving drunk. Nadine found informative research on the website of attorney Kevin Wilson, when gathering materials for this article.

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How Multi DUI’s Can Wreck Your Life
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