Hello from beautiful Montana;

Well, let’s continue with tips on getting the whole family to join in the daily chores and tasks so that the whole family will have more time to have fun together.

Tip 7:

Put one of the older children in charge of setting the breakfast table at night before he goes to bed.  Together the family can determine the next morning’s menu, so that the table can be set accordingly.

Everyone needs breakfast!  It sets your body in gear and gives you fuel for the day.  When there are too many choices, and brains are foggy from sleep, it is too easy to skip this important meal.

If the table is set, cereal is out, fruit on the table and milk in the fridge, it becomes automatic action.

Automatic action becomes habit and good habits are set for the rest of their lives.

Go forward in joy and have fun with your family.  it is the most important work you will ever do.

Love, Judy H. Wright

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Kitchen and Cooking Tips-Get Your Kids to Help at Home