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Looking For A Unique Proposal Idea? Try A Gift Basket

When you’ve finally found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life and start a family with, you can’t wait to ask for their hand in marriage. However, engagement proposals on bended knee have been done before. If you’re looking for a unique way to ask your intended if they’ll marry you, you may want to consider a personalized gift bag or gift basket. Although you do not have to break the bank for this unique themed proposal, you do want to make it personal and intimate for your beloved. Below are a few ideas to help get you started towards the big day.

A Touch Of Hollywood Glamour

From celebrities like Kim Kardashian to events like the Golden Globe Awards, gift bags and baskets have become known as an elegant and sophisticated token of appreciation and extravagance. If your sweetheart is a fan of Hollywood glam, try compiling a gift bag with some of her most notable celebrity items, such signature perfume by her favorite Hollywood icon, a bottle of designer sparkling water or juice, high end organic snacks, and your engagement ring nestled at the bottom of the bag.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Marriage is one of the happiest times in a couple’s life, and you want to make the proposal a memorable occasion. In order to mark your journey together, place your focus on items that will showcase the places and events that led up to the proposal. You can put together a gift basket using movie ticket stubs, theater flyers and stuffed animals.

Your proposal basket can also include gifts, notes and pictures. If you’ve taken trips together, include brochures and paraphernalia collected on your adventures, hiding the ring underneath the layers of items. When you’re done taking a walk down memory lane, she’ll find the ring as she unfolds the final piece of the puzzle. What an amazing memory to add to your new life together.

Commit To The Future

Many of today’s couples are deciding to tone down the nuptial arrangements and use the money toward a home and family. Also, couples often “blend” families when getting married. If you’ve talked about what you would like to do with your future, personalize your proposal gift basket with for sale signs, home listings, new construction sites, specific home features and pictures of cats, dogs and your children. You can also have a small box wrapped that says “Home Sweet Home.” When the package is opened, your intended will see the ring and how it’s a symbol of your commitment to your future together as a couple.

Honeymoon Celebration

The honeymoon is an important part of any wedding celebration. Since the hard work of putting the wedding together is behind you, you’re now free to relax and enjoy your time together as a couple. If you’ve discussed places that you’ve always dreamed of going on a honeymoon, put together a proposal basket that makes your honeymoon trip into a reality.

Consider starting your special evening with a menu designed around the location you would like to visit. The gift basket can also include brochures, travel pamphlets and attractions that you both would like to visit. After your intended accepts the proposal, you have the materials that you need to put together and plan your honeymoon. Artifacts and miniature sculptures from the region are a great way to hide and display the engagement ring.

Love and Romance

In addition to Valentine’s Day, a marriage proposal is one of the most romantic events in a couple’s life. You can take this theme to the ultimate of romantic levels by creating the right scenario. Using your fireplace as the backdrop, a well laid out picnic could be the perfect way to wow your sweetheart with your proposal basket including picnic fare, chocolates, massage oils and monogrammed bathrobes. You can also have a cookie bouquet inscribed to ask your intended for their hand in marriage. In the middle of this delicious edible setting, the engagement ring can be displayed discreetly.

From helicopter rides and sunsets to sky writing and billboards, marriage proposals have become a creative outlet for asking your loved one to spend your life together. Personalized proposal gift baskets and bags are a great way for you to stand out from the traditional methods and make your dreams come alive.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer and enjoys making gift baskets for special occasions for friends and family. In her opinion, a wedding proposal, with a ring found jewelry district in Los Angeles, CA, is just such an occasion that would be perfect for a personalized gift basket.

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Looking For a Unique Proposal Idea? Try a Gift Basket!
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