Hello from beautiful Montana:  I realized last night just before going to sleep, that I had not posted about Low Self Confidence. I remember writing about high self confidence, but got distracted and forgot to give you the rest of the story!

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Do you frequently feel discouraged and afraid?  Are there dreams you would like to accomplish in life but are not sure how to ask for help?  Is a negative attitude of a child or spouse holding them back?  Then you will be glad you are reading this article.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize that you need a change in your life.  Many of us go from day to day with low self-confidence, without even realizing it.  Before you can start to build a life of self-confidence, you need to realize that you need to make a change.

There isn’t just one way to determine if you have low self-confidence.  But there are several characteristics of people with low self-confidence, and these characteristics only detract from a positive, fulfilling life.

  1. Fear of change.  People with low self-confidence are always asking “what if,” trying to see the future and react to it, rather than being proactive.
  2. Pessimism.  They see the glass as half-empty rather than half-full.  They blame others for negative things in their lives, and don’t try to see the positive side of negative situations.
  3. Difficulty communicating what they want.  They don’t know what they want in life, and work toward goals that are too broad and general.  Without visualizing an end product, they can’t fully achieve your goals.
  4. Desire to please others over themselves.  They would rather blend in than stand out.  Instead of seeking individuality and being true to themselves, people with low self-confidence just want to lay low and avoid negative attention.
  5. Insecurity.  They often end up with others who share their negative outlook on life, and this can lead to toxic relationships where they don’t value their self-worth.

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Low Self Confidence Characteristics – Do You Have Them?