Hello from beautiful Montana: 

Last night and today I am teaching parenting classes at local schools.  It is amazing to see parents who have been court ordered to attend and those who choose to attend to learn.

Sometimes people are so fixed on being "right"  and "the boss"that they lose the opportunity to know their children as individuals with voices and spirits that can be broken. Their minds, hearts and body language is closed and shut against new information or different ways.

If I had a nickle for everyone that says "well, I got beat as a child and I turned out okay"  I would be able to take a relaxing cruise.  If they will open just a little and hear from other members of the class, they will soon realize that those methods of punishment are unacceptable and there are alternatives.

When someone is open to suggestions, ideas, networking and problem solving it is so rich and their relationships are enhanced.  I can see their heads nodding yes, when someone shares a technique that brings about positive changes in respectful ways.

Respect is a two way street and cooperation is a worthy goal.

It is so great when parents "get it"  You can't have confident kids when they are afraid or have been constantly blamed, shamed and humiliated.

Discipline means leadership, teaching and mentoring and comes from the word Disciple.

I salute you and raise my cup of tea to parents and caring adults wherever you are in the world. Build the confidence of our children, they are our future.

Love, Judy H. Wright

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Open and Closed Relationships and Minds