Hello from beautiful Montana;

Okay, here we go with ideas to make working with your kids fun.  Remember, I said work with, not for.

Do less for them, so you have time to do more with them. And teach them to assume personal responsibility along the way.  It is a win-win.

Tip 3.  Cobweb Capture.

Make a cobweb pole out of a thick cotton sock placed inside another and then slipped onto a yardstick.  Secure with a rubber band and let the kids go over all the corners and ceilings of every room to get the cobwebs.

If you have especially high ceilings, use a broom with an old towel draped over it.  Don’t forget the area behind the washer and dryer.

How many did they capture?  Wow!  Do it again in a month.  It is fun to work together.  Now go have a special time of reading a book about spiders.

If you are anxious to read the whole book of 101 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help at Home, you will want to go to http://www.ResponsibleChildren.com   This is a great time to get a buy in from the whole family about keeping the house fairly clean and chores done, so you can have time to do more things together.

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Organizing and Cleaning tip 3