How do you typically define yourself? Do you tell yourself as well as others that you are disorganized, financially challenged or simply not good enough? 

What You Think About, You Bring About

negative ways you describe yourself, both internally and to the outside world.  Are they accurate or just a point of view? Look over your list of words and phrases and really think about how each of those definitions limits your ability to accomplish all that you deserve in life.

For example, if your list includes disorganized, think about how to make that a positive and tell yourself, “It may appear to others that I am disorganized, but I actually have the ability to multi-task.”

If your list includes being clumsy, then examine it as a rational and mature adult and reframe it. Repeat in your mind and out loud until it becomes a belief, “Yes, it was clumsy to spill the milk when I was 10 years old, but it was an accident and it is time to forgive myself for knocking the glass over and my father for yelling at me.

“I know and accept that accidents happen to every one.”

“I have allowed the thoughts of then to become a belief of now. But no more! I now think, know and believe that I am a competent and careful individual.”

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Overcome Negative Self-Talk with Encouragement