Become More Confident Today

What is stopping you from achieving your dreams?

On the road to building self-confidence, we often come across self-imposed obstacles that block our way.  It might seem easy to just give in to them, but you don’t have to!  Instead, remember that you have the power to overcome these limitations. 

Don’t be afraid to look silly or be rejected.  These are things we all face as human beings. 

Here are some ideas on how to overcome your self-imposed limitations:


Meet fear head on.  What’s the worst thing that can happen if you face your fear?  If it’s not death or the end of the world, then face that fear.

Mask negative self talk.  Pay attention to what you’re telling yourself.  If it’s negative thoughts and self talk, override those thoughts with positive messages.

Manage the parts of a problem.  Don’t let problems overwhelm you.  Break them up into smaller, manageable parts that you can deal with one at a time.

Move Forward with the end in sight.  Imagine what your end goal will look and feel like when you accomplish it.  Always keep that vision in your mind, and keep moving forward with that positive image.

It may seem hard to overcome the obstacles and limitations that you unknowingly impose upon yourself, but if you remember that you can do it, then nothing will stop you. 

To learn more tips on overcoming your limitations, visit www.EncourageSelfConfidence.comand continue on the road to self-confidence.  Writer and speaker Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, the storytelling trainer has developed an easy to use eCourse to assist you in overcoming self imposed limitations.

Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations