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In 25 years of teaching parent education and family relationships, many of the same topics come up again and again.  Does that mean there is one simple answer for everyone? No. Each family and child are unique and need to find  individual solutions to problems that will work for them.

Parents as Experts

People who attend parenting classes, read books and articles on family  dynamics and seek counsel from other wise parents are the smartest and most caring people in the world.  They recognize that there might be a better way and are willing to put aside their ego and ask for help.  They have made the decision to put the needs of their children first and I salute them.

The Best Teaching Comes From Other Parents

In my classes, I encourage interaction among the participants because I do value their knowledge and experience.  What helped your child from biting, may help my child.  Perhaps you have found a way to deal with a disruptive teenager and would be willing to share resources.

Many Ways To Build Strong Relationships

As long as we can respect one another and build communication and connection with each person, in and out of the family, we will be fine.
When you realize that what you have been doing, has not been working, ask for help.  It is a matter of strength to be open enough to learn from others.

Total Transformation Program

One of the programs that I have found to help a number of families in my classes is described at http://www.DisciplineYesPunishNo.com  It may be the answer you are looking for if articles, books, classes and advice is not enough. You may want to try it before you invest time and effort in trying to find a counselor that will resonate with your whole family.

Good Luck and God Bless, You do an important work,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Parenting Solutions- One Size Does Not Fit All