Hello from beautiful Montana;

It is soon going to be Spring and we are anxious to get some bulbs in the ground so we can have flowers and plants this Summer.  As I study the back of the bag the  Dahlia and Iris bulbs come in, it strikes me how important the roots are to the ultimate height and health of the plant.

Without Roots the Plant Would Die

Even though the Dahlia bulb is much larger than the roots attached, it is through this system of small feeders that support, hold it upright and nourish the entire plant.  When planted together in a "clump" the flowers bloom in a wonderful array of color and take strength from roots being intertwined.

A single bulb planted alone is still beautiful but is not as strong and hardy as a group that support and sustain one another.

Families Have a Root Structure Too

Families may consider their roots to be people or ancestors, but I prefer to think of them as values, standards and character traits.  Without this underpinnings of what we believe and act upon, our strength is diminished and it harder to sustain a fulfilling life.

While our ancestors support us, it is their teachings which guide and direct our daily choices. The lessons they learned and shared give us direction for our lives, just as the back of the Dahlia bulb bag tell us how and when to plant the bulbs.

Values, Standards and Character Traits are Our Roots

Honesty, kindness, generosity, respect for others, service and appreciation are all values that hopefully were taught by example and words by older family members.  If not, then now is the time to establish new roots for future generations.

You Always Have Choices

By looking back to those who came before you and seeing what their life choices brought them-either happiness or sorrow, you can determine what values you want to root your life with.

If you have children, draw a picture of a plant or tree and write the values that you are choosing to support your choices around the picture.  Post it on the universal bulletin board (refrigerator) and discuss it often.  Perhaps you might plant bulbs together and have  a teaching moment about how important the part is that you don't see.  No matter how beautiful the bloom, it is the roots that support and sustain life.

Total Transformation for Families and Gardens

If your family is having problems or situations of serious conflict, please go to www.DisciplineYesPunishNo.com for a more in depth look at parenting methods and styles.  Sometimes even though the values are planted the bulbs need assistance to grow to maturity. This program will help you get to the root of the problem.

I Have Confidence in Your Ability to Grow Beautiful Flowers  in your Garden and Families in your Home.

With Gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

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Plants and Roots- Deep Roots Grow Strong Families and Flowers