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We have talked a lot about how our three main worries are Money, Health & Relationships. When we are having problems in these areas, it may seem to us that they are unsolvable.  We run the same words and concerns around and around in our heads, hoping that something will just appear to solve the problem. Or even worse, we deny that there is a situation and just stuff the envelope from the bank, the bump on the breast or the distant spouse in a far compartment and refuse to deal with it.

Problems Can Appear Unsolvable

This downturn in economy and recession has many people blindsided by job and home loss. They thought they had prepared and were making wise financial decisions when circumstances outside their control changed their lives.

Or they knew they had made some risky decisions and now are caught in a trap where they cannot find a way out. It is a familiar story at Credit Counseling when someone does not ask for help until the foreclose notice appears in the paper. Embarrassed and ashamed, they did not know what to do.

Ask for Help and Keep Asking for Help

When a first payment is missed, all kinds of things can be done if you ask for help. There are real people on the other end of the phone and if they won't or can't help you, then ask for someone who can.

There is someone out there in the universe who can and will help you to solve your own problems. Notice, I did not say "Make my problem go away."  They can give you the tools or techniques to solve your own problems, once you gain a new perspective.

Do Not Isolate Yourself or Face Problems Alone

When we assume there is no help, problems fester. In real life and also in our minds.  By sharing and asking for feedback and assistance, we can gain insights and find solutions.

It is our responsibility to find solutions and we can weigh all the available options when we have asked for help from others who are willing to help us.

Are You Having Family Problem

If so, I can direct you to assistance and help that is guaranteed to work.  I have used the program and recommend it highly.  It takes you to the place where your family can be transformed from one of negativity and anger to harmony and cooperation. I invite you to go to http://www.DisciplineYesPunishNo.com  You will be glad you did.

We will see you soon,

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Judy H. Wright

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