“We work hard to keep our yard clean and attractive. It makes me
crazy to see kids walking home from Middle School and dropping papers
and wrappers on the sidewalk. Should I speak up?”
-Retired Banker

Auntie Artichoke says:
please speak up and say Hello and in a calm and confident voice, remind
them that trash goes in garbage cans. Ask them about their studies,
basketball or what they had for lunch. How about taking some of your
free time and volunteering at the school for an hour or two? Once the
kids know you are a resource and mentor for them, they will want to
please you and learn from your example and teachings.

I really recommend Denzel Washington’s book A Hand to Guide Me.
In fact, we are giving a copy to our adult children to help them
recognize that every one, no matter how busy they are, has the
potential to make a positive impression on a child. The kids in that
age group especially are hungry for mentors who will encourage and
motivate without criticism.

Being firm and kind about the
misbehavior but nonjudgmental about the person will go a long ways to
get cooperation. It takes just about the same time as planting a
beautiful annual, but the good will and esteem in the child will linger

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Question for Auntie Artichoke