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Recognizing The Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Your Child

Sexual abuse in children is something that no one wants to acknowledge but everyone knows occurs. Nobody can fathom how someone could do this to a child, yet sadly, about 12 percent of all children born will be subjected to this type of abuse. Some experts believe that the percentage is almost double this rate, but that many cases are unreported.

This type of abuse generally occurs by someone that is either an immediate member of the family or a very close family friend. These are the people that you least expect this type of behavior from towards your children. Teachers, counselors and coaches have also been associated with this type of act due to their close relationships that they form with children.

Knowing some of the signs of sexual abuse can help you protect your children and get them the help they need if it is discovered that abuse is taking place.

 Withdrawal From Family and Friends The guilt and shame that these children feel often cause them to withdraw from their family and friends.

• Inappropriate Knowledge If your child seems to have knowledge of sex that is beyond their age or experience, it is safe to think that they are learning it from somewhere that is inappropriate.
Eating Disorders If your child’s eating patterns drastically change, there is an emotional issue taking place. Severe overeating or under eating are both signs of sexual abuse.
Behavior Changes Out of frustration, these children often become very angry and very emotional.
New Friend If your child seems to be building a relationship with an adult that is not making you feel comfortable, trust your instincts.

Self-Harm Many children will begin to hurt themselves physically as a way to “change” their body and make themselves less desirable.These are only a fee of the more noticeable signs. Other signs include a dramatic change in their school work, lack of interest in any of their hobbies or favorite activities, and a fear of going around specific adults.

What to Do If You Discover Your Child Is Being Abused

If your child is being sexually abused, the first thing that you must do is notify the police so that an investigation can be started and an arrest can be made. Once you have notified the authorities, you will need to seek counseling for your child and you will need to contact representation, whether that means a Florida sex crime lawyer or a New Jersey family attorney. Your child will need legal representation and may be entitled to specific compensation under the law.

It is very sad that parents must keep a diligent watch for this type of event in their child’s life, but it is a fact. With twelve out of every one hundred children suffering from this type of abuse, the risk is high. Parents, however, can make a difference by looking for signs and stopping this type of abuse as soon as possible. With love, compassion, and the right counseling, any child who has suffered this type of abuse can recover and go on to live a long and happy life.

Concerned parent Molly Pearce writes this post to educate readers on the epidemic of child sexual abuse and how to protect their rights and the rights of their children. Taking action against an offender can be daunting for a child and/or parent but is always worthwhile. Molly learned more about the litigation process in a case like this from the website of Florida sex crime lawyer firm, Katz & Phillips, PA.

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Recognizing The Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Your Child
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