Good morning from beautiful Montana:

We have had so much company this summer.  It has been great to see family and friends.  We are thankful we have the capacity to share our little home and pantry with visitors.

My Twitter message this morning was that is why I coach about relationships-because our family comes in boatloads to visit. Let's follow each other on Twitter;

Yes, it is a disruption in our schedule. Yes, it does mean more cooking (we sometimes have cereal  or popcorn for dinner, can't do that for company, darn it) Yes, it does mean more laundry and cleaning and mowing and smiling.

But, it also means building connections and memories.  As we sit around the round oak table in the kitchen sharing tea and cookies, or wine and cheese, we tell stories. We tell the often retold tales of growing up on a farm, being broke when we were young, being broke when we are old and all kinds of stories that have shaped our lives.

Relationships are not just made up of relatives who are related by blood, but by kinship. Those who have been a part of our lives in some small or large way. There is an affinity of love and respect between us. They have kindred spirits.

So, must go change the sheets, thaw out a casserole and run a dust rag over the living room-Company coming this afternoon.


Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

PS: We leave the light on, so plan to stop when you visit Montana

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Relationships-the State of Being Related.