All children deserve to feel safe and protected.
All children deserve to feel safe and protected.

Safe and Protected Children – Parents and Adults Protect From Harm

The fundamental need of every child is to feel safe and protected.  Children want to trust the adults in their lives to take care of them and protect them from harm as much as possible. There are bad and scary things that go on in the world outside the walls of the home. Hopefully, the home environment is one which children are protected and loved. Caring parents and adults teach caution without fear and to be aware of dangerous situations.

Functional families watch out for each other

In functional families, each generation gives love and acceptance to the next generation as well as each other.  Children thus grow up secure that they are valuable and wanted human beings in the tribe, community or family. They learn the necessary life skills in setting boundaries in relationships.

If not given that love and safety, the children may attempt to fill the emptiness with any number of substitutes; drug or alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, or other compulsive behavior just to prove to themselves they are alive.

What  does SAFE Mean for a Child?

S__Secure means free from danger. This is an instinctual feeling that the parent will protect the child as much as possible.  The child does not have to worry needlessly that volcanoes will erupt, that terrorists will bomb their school or that Dad will forget to pick him up after soccer.

A__Affection and warmth is sometimes the only way some can show love. Many parents and adults have  never been taught to verbalize words and feelings and so instead show their love with acts of service, touching the hair, rubbing the back etc.  Affection is as necessary as air and nourishment but there is a line of safe and nurturing touch and toxic, selfish touch.  Incest, fondling or sexual touches are not appropriate and should not be tolerated.

F…Freedom to be who and what we are. When parents and other adults want to children to be obedient all the time, it stifles the creativity of the child. Just because a father loves football, it does not necessarily mean the son will. Parents who protect and safeguard their children allow them to express themselves and know that they will be loved anyway.

E…Encouraged to assume personal responsibility. Competent children who have learned to problem solve and make decisions become confident, contributing adults.

Safe and protected children are treasures and to be treasured. Parents and adults protect them from harm and guide, direct and teach them to be successful in life.

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Safe and Protected Children – Parents and Adults Protect From Harm