When building self-confidence, it’s important to keep some things in mind.  We need to remember that our minds effect our behavior.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand this, so here is a breakdown of some important terms.

Fact:  Something that can be proven.  It is known to be true, and is accepted by everybody.  For example: the sky is blue, math is taught in schools, the milk was spilled.  These are all facts that nobody will argue against.  Facts aren’t argued, but just are.

Belief:  An idea felt to be true by some people, but not everybody.  Sometimes it’s true, but other times it may not be.  It is an opinion or a thought stated by somebody.  Beliefs are often opinions about facts held by individuals.  It’s a fact that the sky is blue, but it’s a belief that the sky is beautiful.

Rational Belief:  A belief that may not be true for everybody at the time, but makes sense.  Most people would not argue about a rational belief.  They are true sometimes for some people.  Believing that algebra is the hardest part of math would be a rational belief.

Irrational Belief:  An irrational belief that doesn’t make sense, and is not true.  Irrational beliefs lead to pessimism, low self-esteem, and negativity.  Instead of experiencing life and accomplishing goals, people who dwell on irrational beliefs are bogged down in their own false beliefs.  Believing that foreign countries are full of nothing but beggars on the streets, and therefore aren’t worth visiting, is an irrational belief.

These terms are all important because we need to be able to distinguish between them in order to build self-confidence.  If you are holding on to irrational beliefs, thinking they are rational, then your road to confidence will be difficult.  Being able to tell the difference between a fact and an irrational belief is an important step to achieving self-confidence.

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Self-Confidence Terms-Our Mind Effects Our Behavior