Hello from Beautiful Montana:

Although my favorite season is Spring and April, my next favorite is September.  Both seasons let me know that it is time to prepare and grow. April is the last month of the first quarter and September is the first month of the last quarter, so I always think of it as another chance to accomplish goals before the end of the year.

Invitation to Join Me

I would love to have you join me in some fun and powerful sessions designed to end the year strong, confident and in shape (spiritually, emotionally and financially) for 2009.

Grab a cup of tea and decide which of these programs will benefit you the most. Pay attention to what resonates or touches your heart.  That is your spirit telling you that this is the next step in your journey. Please allow me to be your traveling companion.

TeleClasses Every Thursday Morning-some for free, some for fee(and well worth it) Register at http://www.ArtichokePress.com   click on Teleclass button to sign up.  All classes are recorded, so you can get the replay.

Sept. 4– Clues for Confidence– Non verbal and verbal communication that builds confidence and attracts friends.  9amPST, Noon EST  free and an introduction to a 4 week intensive class on Building Self Confidence.for a low investment of $147 including book, private coaching and weekly handouts.

Sept.11-Part Time Job Saving Money-This is a great teleclass for those trying to make their money stretch.  My husband and I had 6 plus kids, lots of expenses and we still managed to eat and live well. I will be teaching some of our Smart Shopping Tips.

Sept 18--How to Attract Friends This class is taken from research for my book The Left Out Child-The Importance of Friendship.  Learn to reframe old beliefs and assumptions.  You will also learn how to join a group, speak up when you need to be heard, and be the kind of friend you want to have.

Sept 25–Anger–Manage Your Madthis is one of my most popular workshops.  You will learn techniques for handling your own anger and the anger of others.  This free workshop is a prelude to the 4 week  paid intensive course of the same name that goes into assertive, aggressive and passive behavior and setting boundaries.

October 2–Stages of Grief-Should I be This Sad? – Whether the loss is a loved one, pet or co-worker, it is important to acknowledge the pain and understand the emotions. Using my experience with Hospice, as well as having survived many losses and writing two books on the subject, I can support your feelings and questions.  If there is interest, I will do a 4 week intensive coaching session on this subject.

October 9Learning Styles-I will just have finished a keynote address on this subject, so will have lots of information to share.

October 16–Encourage Self Confidence This teleclass is taken from one of my latest books and you will learn how to help yourself and others build self esteem and an inner core of strength.

October 23-Ask and Get--this particular class is going to focus on asking for what you really want in life, not what you want right now. Find mentors, support and divine intervention to reach your intentions and goals. Powerful information.

Now you have 8 weeks worth of great guidance to help you finish the year with confidence, cash and courage.  I invite you to join our community of kind and helpful people who want to interact in respectful and mutually beneficial endeavors.

Looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing in your success.

Love, Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

September–A Time For New Beginings