Hello from beautiful Montana:

Right now people are very concerned about the Swine Flu which is spreading in Mexico and other place globally. The questions the media, the Center for Disease Control  and many people are talking about most is;

  1. How this bug goes from person to person?
  2. What can we do to safeguard ourselves from catching the virus?
  3. Is it better to stay home and not associate with others?                                   

Isolation and Illness

Actually, unless you are super susceptible, you should not isolate yourself.  Loneliness and isolation tend to make people cynical and angry. Angry and lonely people tend to focus on their own needs and forget the social systems that could help them.  Lonely, and isolated people have a higher death rates from all causes.

Fear and Anxiety or Optimism and Hope

When you feel anxious and negative about the future or your health, you will find your morale and courage going in a downward spiral. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions will also be focused on the negative rather than what is fine and right in the world.

Spread the Happiness Virus

Just as you catch other germs and viruses from others, you can also catch the happiness bug. Being positive and upbeat about your job, the economy and life in general will help your immune system to fight off illness and promote well being. Be supportive of others in your environment and smile often. 

Smile and Encourage Yourself and Others

As silly as it sounds, a smile is physically impossible if you are thinking negative thoughts, so smile. Turn your thoughts from swine flu to Fine you!  Use common sense about hand washing, covering your mouth if you sneeze, take vitamins, eat right, sleep soundly and exercise.  This is sound advice on taking care of yourself any day of the year, no matter what is going on with other people.

You will be fine.  I have confidence in you.  If you or someone you love are struggling with confidence issues, please claim your book at http://www.encourageselfconfidence.com

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Swine Virus or Fine Virus- Catch the Happiness Bug