Hello from beautiful Montana:

Today I have promised myself I will write out some Thinking of You and Sympathy cards, not on the computer, but by hand.  I purchased them a few weeks ago, but have left them here on my desk to remind me to stop FaceBooking, Twittering,Linking In and do some real communication to real friends.

The catch is that  I did not know the deceased, I only knew his first wife and his widow.  They are both remarkable women who hated each other, loved him and liked me. I did not find out about his death in time to go to the service and so this is a belated support card for their loss.

We are not close friends and so I will never know the details of who said what to who and who sat where when.  I am glad for that.  Life has enough drama. 

Why is it important to send sympathy, thank you, get well and thinking of you cards?

Because it shows the person standing at the mailbox opening a card or small gift that they are honored and valued.  That someone took the time to go to the store, choose the right card, compose the message, find a stamp and walk it to the mailbox.  All the while thinking of the recipient with warm  wishes.

I just know that I need to acknowledge their loss and pain individually. They need to have tangible evidence that they are in someone's thoughts and prayers. They need a physical reminder that I am part of their support system.

The written word is sending a message that someone cares about you. It is something that can be referred to again and again and held in their hands.

My adult children tell me that it is generational and that everyone texts now, but I don't believe it. And neither do they after they emailed me birthday greetings and I gave them a guilt trip they will be talking about to their grandchildren!

Everyone deserves to have their pain, joy and generosity validated by others.

So excuse me, I must take my fingers from the keys and wrap them around a pen. It will not be easy to find the words to express what each woman is feeling.  But they need to know that I know and appreciate them and support them in their individual sorrow.


Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

Sympathy Cards-What to Say?