Hello from beautiful Montana:

Just have a few minutes until we go to a bar-b-que.  Doesn’t that sound like summer to you.  Can’t you just smell the onions and burgers on the grill?  The hostess is our adult daughter Emily.She has 20 people coming, but she has been buying and planning for some time, so she stayed right on her food budget.

She learned her money, cooking and entertaining  skills from the tip below.

Tip 8 taken from my book Kids, Chores & More

Give your older children (7-40) ten dollars (depending on your family size- it may need to be up to twenty dollars)and a calculator to go to a grocery store.  His task is to buy and prepare a family dinner using only the basic food groups. (Hint, hint, try for at least four colors on your plate).

The first week, he must buy all of the dinner at the store; he may not use any supplies from home.

The second week, he can use staples from the freezer, cupboards and refrigerator.  By prior planning, using coupons and shopping for sale items, he may spend less and pocket the difference.

After he has prepared the meal, he is to serve it to the family.  Encourage him to set the table with linen, china and candles.  This is a wonderful exercise to teach about impulse buying vs. planning, reading, using math, learning nutrition, budgeting, cooking, entertaining and shopping.

Plus, it is just plain fun.

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Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and coach

Teaching Organization Skills–Financially Savvy Kids