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Have you ever been involved in a negotiation with a teenager, co-worker or spouse who wants you to agree to something you are not sure about?

Our first response is to say NO! That will end the discussion and we will have won. Or have we? Communication is not really communication unless there is some back and forth discussion. An exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Respectful Communication Hears Both Sides of the Story

If we want to create an atmosphere of simple courtesies and treating others with respect, perhaps we need to change our methods of coming to agreement.

Instead of saying no, why not ask the other party to tell you why you should say yes.

Each Situation Has at Least Five Solutions

As the world economy changes and we become more global, we will need these four attributes:

  1. Character-we keep our promises
  2. Confidence- we have learned to trust ourselves
  3. Communication-we listen to other ideas
  4. Critical Thinking-We recognize other solutions

Each situation that we encounter has at least five different ways to solve it. Our way is not the only way. Or even the best way.

Tell Me Why I Should Say Yes

Allow the other person an opportunity to do some critical thinking and bouncing ideas off from you. They may come back to your way, or they may give you a different way to think about it.  Either way, you will have had an exchange of minds and ideas.  That is what communication is all about.

Building Self Confidence

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With love and gratitude that you decided to say yes to this community.

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author 

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Tell Me Why I Should Say Yes