In America, Thanksgiving traditionally means family, friends, and
especially food. We cook and eat as if there was a scarcity of turkey,
mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and creamy vegetables. We dive into
pumpkin pie as if there was a national law that says it can only be
served and eaten one day a year.

Surprise! Stores sell turkey,
ham, potatoes and rolls all year long. You can fix it for breakfast if
you so desire. You can even invite the Thanksgiving group over any
other day of the year. You do not need an excuse or a special day to
gather and break bread.

The average woman consumes
1,400 to 1,800 calories in an ordinary day but between 2,000 to 3,000
calories during traditional Thanksgiving dinners. You can see that a
huge dinner exceeds bodily comfort zones, edging you into a food coma
rather than a satisfied awareness of family and good food.

very idea of a holiday feast appears abundant. Looking at a laden
filled table reminds us of our blessings and instills a sense of
gratitude. Abundance means ample supply, more than enough, and plenty
to share.

Eat your fill of turkey and mashed potatoes this
Thanksgiving. Enjoy a taste or two of everything. Eat till you are
stuffed like a turkey, if you want, but do not eat as if there is a
shortage of good food. Laugh and mingle with friends—maybe even set up
a date to gather monthly. Set an intention to turn Thanksgiving into

Remember that abundance does not come just once a year. It waits for you every day.

Now, pass a small piece of pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving All Year Long