Hello from Montana:

Last week I started a countdown on the most important words in relationships. The six most important words were "I admit I made a mistake."

Words carry such power and kind ones can lift a person up and encourage better actions.  Unkind words can wound a soul and make a person feel like giving up or closing down communication with you.

Here we go–Five most important words to enhance a relationship:

"You did a good job"

Such a simple acknowledgment of someone's effort lets them know that their efforts were appreciated. When you notice the positive things in life, you will find that there will be more to notice.  By focusing on what went right, you encourage more of the same.

"I respect and trust you"

Trust is the basis for all good relationships, in family, workplace, neighborhood, community, nation and world.  To be respected and trusted as an equal strengthens all interpersonal communication and interchange of ideas.

"I enjoy being with you"  This phrase is truly an emotional exchange that builds bridges and strengthens ties of community.  This is the truth with each of you readers.  I really do writing this blog to you.  I envision you and yours and send a little prayer that your day will be good and that you will be given all that you need today. I also salute you with my cup of tea.

So even though I am in my flannel pajamas and wool socks in my little home office in Montana, I do enjoy being with you where ever you might be when you read this. Thanks for being a part of my circle of friends and building a relationship with me.

In gratitude,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

PS:  I am studying a couple's relationship course before I recommend it to you, but so far it is really good.  It is done by the publishing company that gave us http://www.DisciplineYesPunishNo.com 
which I really recommend for families who are struggling with negative behavior problems.

The Five Most Important Words in a Relationship