Hello from beautiful Montana:

I am going to do a countdown for you of the most important words in a relationship.  That means any relationship; husband  and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, manager and worker, teacher and student, neighbor and  neighbor, friend and  friend, co-worker and co-worker.  All relationships need these words to help them work better.

The six most important words:

"I Admit I Made a Mistake"

Why is this important?  Because only when we are willing to confess that our way is not the only way, are we able to compromise and come to an agreement that is win-win.

"Please Tell me What You Need"

Another six words of empowerment.  This is politely asking the other part of the relationship to explain what they want and need from you.

Many spouses and managers expect others to read their minds.  Then it is a point of contention when the other party does not understand the perimeters of the request.  Or even worse, is when one party is expected to read the mind of the other one.

If you loved me or really cared, you would know what I need! is so unfair to both parties in a relationship.  How can we anticipate another person's needs and wishes.

Speak up and let your needs be known and share your vulnerability.

Tomorrow, watch for the five most important words to build strong relationships.  See you then.

With love and gratitude for your part in this community of people who want to build relationships based on trust, kindness and respect for everyone.

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author of over 20 books

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The six Most Important Words to Say in a Relationship