The Searcher

In my work as a parent educator, I teach many different workshops to parents, childcare providers and teaching staff. Before each class, I set an intention that I will be a conduit of information for those who are in attendance and particularly the “one” who is searching for an answer or solution to a pressing quandary in their lives. Invariably, there is at least one person in the audience whose eyes light up at some point and I can see them recognize that they need to connect with me for the part of the puzzle they have been missing.

Guide for the Journey

Many times after a workshop there will be crowds of people visiting with me about the topic or their particular concerns, but this person will hang back, perhaps unsure if they should broach their deepest desire. I usually hand them a business card with my email address and tell them to contact me personally. If they do, and not all or even most of them do, I can usually point them to the right doctor, counselor, book, class or information that will guide them on their journey. Because of my wide network, the answer they are searching for is usually just one degree or phone call away.

Paying it Forward

Because I have been so blessed to connect with like-minded souls it has become commonplace in my life, I want to pay it forward. The law of attraction works constantly, we just need to recognize and act on that positive attraction. I have learned that when I have a prompting, I need to follow through and pay attention to the clues along the way. Many times, in retrospect, it is easy to see how the Universe presented the answer to us earlier in our lives but resistance caused us to hesitate or doubt.

I am grateful we get second chances and do-overs to be guided to our life paths.

Using the Law of Attraction to Bless Others