Greetings from beautiful Montana:

I have National Public Radio on in the background, playing Sunday afternoon jazz, cup of tea by my desk and all is well in my world.  Gratitude for all that I have now and all that is on it's way floods my soul and fills my heart.

This home office and the time to write has been a dream for my whole life.  We have had six children and were caregivers for relatives, so it was some period of time before "it was my turn."  But the idea was very clear in my mind and every day, I took little steps to reach my dream.

The Process of Becoming

Each one of us were born with a yearning to achieve and get our wants and needs met. Watch babies and you will see that they reach for the toy, the outstretched hand or the breast if they are hungry.

We are all in the process of growing and learning each day. It is by being quiet and allowing our mind to return to the deep desires of our heart that we remember what we really want, not just what we want right now.

Authentic Self

It is the real you that is filled with dreams, desires, intentions and goals. It is a lie that you have believed that it will never be your turn.  it will and you should always be on the road to your dream.

GTO for Me

My husband Dwain kept his dream car (1966 Pontiac GTO, or GOAT) in a garage for 26 years!  We could never allocate the money and time to restore it.  But every weekend, he and one or two of the kids would polish it, look through magazines and catalogs on what they would order when…..

Now he shows it in car shows all over the Northwest.  it is valuable asset.  But the life lesson is priceless.  It taught our children that you never give up on your dream.  You just do what you can, when you can and keep the goal uppermost in your consciousness.

Your Mind, Spirit  and Inner Guidance Want You to Succeed

And so do I.  I really do care about you and your dreams.  I have confidence in your ability to reach the point in life where it is "Your Turn."  Is it now? Today?  Why not you?

If You need coaching along the way, call me.  My price is $40 an hour or $200  a month for twice a week phone sessions(You save $40 and get much more concentrated attention)  In one month you will have your goals clearly defined and a plan of action  and time line on achieving them.


Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

PS. Did you find $200 for new soccer shoes? Can you find $40 to buy take out? Perhaps you need to look at how you could find some money for you to remember who and what you are.  I'm here to help you succeed and reach for what you really want. Call me at 406-549-9813 and let's go to work on your dream.

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We are Hardwired for Success-We Want More in Life