from snowy Montana! Children should be able expect certain things from
their parents. Here is a little list that all parents should read…

• Affection, warmth and comfort – hopefully a deep, unconditional, ongoing love.

• Respect and courtesy in both verbal and body language.

• Truth. Children often feel they are to blame for adult problems.

• Discipline with dignity in a firm and kind manner.

Never to use, tolerate or allow verbal, sexual or physical abuse.

• Food, shelter and clothing.

• Consistency in expectations and emotions.

• Responsibility to work as a team in developing and reaching family goals.

• Rich and varied environment of learning.

• Separation of the behavior and the individual.

• Clear and realistic boundaries and guidelines.

• Teaching and living of morals, standards and values.

• Forgiveness and letting go of mistakes.

• That we would never knowingly hurt their feelings, spirits or bodies.

• That they will be heard and their emotions treated respectfully.

• Support and encouragement of efforts and endeavors.

• That the parents will keep them safe from harm.

• Time spent individually – remember children love, appreciate and
remember your presence much more than your presents.

• That we
will care for our own spiritual, emotional and physical needs so that
we will set a good role model. Children learn what they live and see
and on daily basis.

time, I will share with you a list of things that parents have a right
to expect from their children. For more information on encouragement
and responsibility click here.

What do children have a right to expect from parents?