In past generations, kids learned to create fun by using personal resources-imagination and energy.

We were outside running, jumping, building and creating for hours and hours. Our play usuallyended only when our mothers called us in for dinner.

Today's child is generally programmed with a fully scheduled week of lessons and highly competitive adult-managed and supervised sports. Any free time is spent passively watching television leaving little opportunity to develop creativity and initiative.

Byestablishing a time to "play" you are stimulating your children's creativity and imagination.

Children who learn early to take initiative for providing their own entertainment are less likely in the future to depend on artificial stimulants to "turn themselves on."

Is Play just for children?  Can you entertain yourself with a bottle of bubbles (and I don't mean Champagne) What do you do just for fun?  Share your tips for re-creating yourself by play and laughter.

With love and a big smile from Montana,

Judy H. Wright

PS: If your play involves animals and you have a story to tell about healing from the loss of a pet, be sure to contact me soon.  A new eBook is coming and the stories are pouring in and they are amazing.  Call me and I can take your story over the phone if you wish.  You can even add a picture of your pet.

What is Play? Is it just for Children?